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Bien Fait International Media Sellers was a personally owned, online multilingual bookstore. The site was designed to work with Yahoo! business services and serves as an example of an e-commerce catalog with a multilingual search engine. Results are returned in a sortable, multipage, tabular format.

In order to search for foreign words in a MySQL database and correctly select for diacritics, plurals, etc, it is necessary to create a query that accounts for as many variations in style, spelling, and language as possible. One could limit the search to specific languages to facilitate the search, but users often expect that a single search bar will yield the results they need. This complicates the approach and proves the adage that the simpler the interface, the more complicated the programming.

In addition to a multilingual search engine, the site also features an AJAX login box and an AJAX poll, so that users are not taken away from the page they are viewing.

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